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Danube Spirit in Port Communities

Welcome to the Spirit of Danube

Danube Spirit in Port Communities (DSPC) project will directly contribute to tackling, raising awareness and proposing neutral solutions to social issues of common interest on both borders, via the cultural and artistic messages. Thus, it will contribute to achieving Specific Objective nr. 5 Social and cultural coherence strengthened by cooperative actions between people and communities, by bringing together local communities and port authorities around one psychological and behavioural barrier hindering the modernization of river towns and their change into European port-communities.

Contributing to dismantling this barrier will facilitate a long-term social and cultural coherence in river ports, both at local and cross-border level, by facilitating peer trust and understanding, the basis for CBC. Approaching the issue in the cross-border context will determine the relocation of local issues, interests and attention to cross-border level, and thus create a conscience able to detect regional identity elements and opportunities. The experience showed that it is only by enlarging people’s and organizations’ vision from local to regional and cross-border level that they will change start thinking "locally", seizing cooperation and business opportunities, identifying common elements and resemblance, taking advantages of its strengths, while the CBC Programme, as a whole, have provided a new financing opportunity stimulating people and organizations to look over the border in order to take advantage of it.

Also, small-scale cultural projects targeting social and development issues, bringing together people and organizations from different sectors, fields and interests, represent a good neutral vehicle to highlighting cooperation opportunities and comparative advantages in the border area, and, if seized into CBC initiatives, leading to a better economic and social cohesion on longer terms.

DSPC Project will also create the neutral platform for seizing and starting CBC projects in all fields, economic, social and cultural, and by doing so it will promote a better cooperative area.

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Danube Spirit in Port Communities

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