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Danube Spirit in Port Communities

Project activities

1. Launch conference

  • Presentation of previous and current project
  • Evaluation of the theme, distribution and organization through questionnaire
  • Compilation of a database to be used throughout the project
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2. Design of an interdisciplinary model of research - two workshops and exchange of experience in Romania and Bulgaria

Aim: to involve the Romanian and Bulgarian researchers in finding interdisciplinary subjects that require a mutually agreed research structure, so that it shall produce suitable results. Based on their research experience on the Spirit of Danube CBC (2008-2009), the partners shall design a research model and its application methodology to be implemented during the DSPC project.

3. Research regarding the mutual perception of local and port communities

The research area shall cover subjects such as urban, historical and geographical development, urban planning, architecture, art, education, economics and business environment.

Methods: research model and its application methodology. The model involves office research, online questionnaires and methods in the main Romanian and Bulgarian ports on the Danube.

Outcome: the survey shall be published online, on the project website and printed in a trilingual brochure.

4. Selection of artists to participate in the project

5 Romanian and 5 Bulgarian artists shall participate in the project

Methodology: the project partners shall select the participation criteria which include the minimum requirements: qualifications, mandatory capacity of professional artist, involvement of the artist in interdisciplinary projects/actions and proven ability to cover interdisciplinary subjects, artists with international activity, prizes and awards.

  • Submission of offers: on-line
  • Selection jury: representatives of the 3 project partners
  • Online debate

5. Cultural defining of local communities, including cities and ports - workshop

  • Debate about the culture and ways to reduce the gap between ports and local communities; aim: to increase mutual trust and bilateral recognition.
  • Defining artistic and cultural messages.
  • 2-day workshop in Ruse: the project partners shall moderate the debate.
  • Evaluation: a final questionnaire filled out by participants in order to evaluate the subject, distribution and organization.
  • Outcome: artistic messages and forms are conveyed to local communities and port authorities.

6. Artistic expression of the project "Spirit of Danube. Port Communities"

Aim: implementing project messages in miniature painting and fine art works.

  • To organize a 10-days painting and sculpture camp with the selected artists in the Ostrov area, County of Constanta.
  • To extend the existing website with a section dedicated to the project and its activities; the development of online interaction.
  • The publishing of a bilingual book (with an English summary) to present the art works and profile of the artists.

7. Awareness of the local communities and port authorities regarding their belonging to the same entity: the port community

  • To organize a travelling exhibition in Constanta (starting point), Calarasi and Ruse; the exhibition duration in all locations: 10 days
  • Locations: in Constanta at the Art Museum; in Calarasi and Ruse the exhibition is hosted by the pontoon of Calarasi County Council and located in the visiting areas of Calarasi and Ruse ports
  • Free admission

8. Ensuring project sustainability

  • to ensure project sustainability and its continuation on target-groups level and project partners
  • to design a midterm communication plan between local and port communities based on cultural elements and art as neutral instrument of communication

Outcome: a communication guide for port communities, published in the Romanian and Bulgarian language, electronic kits disseminated to port authorities, cities, other port services and city areas of interest.

9. Project finality and design of materials

Aim: to ensure project visibility and increase its chances for multiplication.

Compiling sets of 15 postcards with photos of the project, including art works.

The Witness – Power Point presentation with the project film.

10. Final conference

Aim: conclusions, presentation of results and future actions, filling out of a final questionnaire.

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Danube Spirit in Port Communities

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