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Danube Spirit in Port Communities


The "Ostrov Art Camp 2013" traveling exhibition at Ruse, Bulgaria

Ruse Municipality through Ruse Art Gallery in a partnership with Constanta Art Museum and “Lower Danube” Museum in Calarasi implement “Danube Spirit in Port Communities” Project. The project is financed by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to cultural and social cohesion at local and cross-border level, in 3 Danubian port-towns – Ruse, Constanta and Calarasi. The specific objectives are to raise awareness in border port communities on their local and cross-border development opportunities based on sharing peer trust, interests and backgrounds, to facilitate the dismantling of local and cross-border barriers between local and port communities, as a basic requirement for sustainable development and to increase visibility on the common cultural heritage determined by Danube River in border communities.

The total project budget amounts to 235,371.05 Euro and the period for the implementation of the project is 12 February 2013 – 11 February 2014.

The main project activities are as follows: developing an interdisciplinary research model; experience exchange meeting in Bulgaria and Romania; 10-days art camp; floating exhibition in the three partner cities; dissemination and publicity activities.

On 16 November 2013 at 14:00h in Ruse will take place the official opening of a floating exhibition which is organized in the framework of the “Danube Spirit in Port Communities” project. The exhibition will present the results of a 10-days art camp that was held in September in the Romanian town of Ostrov with the participation of artists coming from Ruse, Constanta and Calarasi. The exhibition consists of works of 10 painters and sculptors which reflect their creative perspective about the role of the Danube spirit in the port communities. The event is organized on a floating hotel which will come to Ruse Port on 16 November and will stay opened for visitors at Pontoon No 5 until 25 November 2013. Before they reach Ruse, the works have already been exhibited in Constanta and Calarasi.

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Danube Spirit in Port Communities

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