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Danube Spirit in Port Communities


Artists selection criterias for participating into the painting and sculpture art camp

Constanta Art Museum, in partnership with Ruse Art Gallery from Bulgaria and "Lower Danube " Museum, Calarasi, launched the project "Spirit of Danube in Port Communities", in February this year, project financed by the European Regional Development Fund through Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

During the Experience Exchange which took place on the 18th and the 19th of July 2013 at the Constanta Art Museum headquarters, the three partners involved in the project agreed on establishing the common criterias for the artists online selection, which will attend the Painting and Sculpture Art Camp, activity foreseen in the "Spirit of Danube in Port Communities" project.

The Art Camp will take place on the second half of August 2013; 10 (ten) romanian and bulgarian artists will attend the art camp, after being selected by a specialized committee made up of the project partners team members.

The foreseen location for organizing the art camp is into the proximity of Danube in the Ostrov area, for a period of ten days.

The selected artists will make two artworks each, by the end of the art camp, therefore one of this two artworks will be included into the Museum patrimony. Both artworks will attend in the exhibition that will be held in each of the three cities involved in the project.

The organizers of the art camp will provide the adequate publicity for the event. Organizers will provide also accommodation, art materials needed for painting and sculpture techniques, meals, transport etc.

During the artists selection, will be taken into consideration the following issues:

  • Vocational qualifications in painting or sculpture area
  • Local, nationall and internationall notoriety
  • Involvement in other projects / inter-disciplinary actions
  • Residence in the proximity of the Danube (Constanta-RO, Calarasi-RO, Ruse-BG)
  • Previous participation into national and international projects
  • The presentation of an artistic portfolio composed of at least 5 (five) works of art photos
  • Graphic approach of figurative solutions able to exemplify the fundamental theme of the project
    * The selection committee will not take into consideration the non-figurative style, like abstract art method of representation required to illustrate the project’s topic
  • The painting techniques accepted: oil, acrylic, gouache, tempera
  • The sculpture techniques accepted: gallstone, 3D sculpture / ronde-bosse
  • For the sculpture domain, the artist must manage very well the stone work over techniques, as well as marble, basalt, granite, diorite, alabaster, etc. and has to be able to prove this ability
  • Each of the three project partners will select at least one sculptor from his side (RO-BG), as follows: one romanian sculptor, one bulgarian sculptor

The Resumes (CV’s) will be submitted in English and will be accompanied by an artistic portfolio composed of at least 5 (five) photos of the works of art, directly on the project e-mail address:
For further information, please contact: Laura Dima, Local Coordinator, Phone./Fax: 241-617012, e-mail: or

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