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Danube Spirit in Port Communities

Project objectives

General objective

... to contribute to cultural and social cohesion at local and cross-border level, in 3 Danubian port-towns and at cross-border level

As the CBC Strategy underlines, knowing each other is the basic requirement for both economic and social connections in the Romanian - Bulgarian border area that pays a historic tribute to natural geographic, psychological and language barriers during a long lasting period.

The general objective of DSPC Project will address the common effort of stimulating the process of knowing each other, through cultural means, the most neutral ones, and thus on longer terms, continued by its off-spring initiatives, will contribute to cultural and social cohesion in the region.

Specfic objectives

... to raise awareness in border port-communities on their local and cross-border development opportunities based on sharing peer trust, interests and backgrounds

Supporting the local actors in port-towns, including local authorities, public institutions, business-oriented organizations, as well as port authorities and port operators, to understand and build upon their shared interest in a well-developed cross-border area and historic backgrounds, will lead to better flows of information and communication. In this context their ability to seize and exploit common development opportunities will increase.

... to facilitate the dismantling of local and cross-border barriers between local and port communities, as a basic requirement for sustainable development

The message of the project will be directed towards both local and port communities, individually, jointly and at cross-border level, in an attempt to close the gap between ports and towns, and stimulate their mutual respect and understanding the indissoluble connections that link them over time. Closing this gap will determine a peer trust and common interests, so port and towns actors will be able to work together in a more sustainable way.

... to increase visibility on the common cultural heritage determined by Danube River in border communities

Danube River is the largest local resource both Romanian and Bulgarian border communities enjoy. It may play the successful role of cross-border binding, buildig on the rich traditions and cultural heritage that lies in its "waters", in the Danubian area lacking common identity, marginalised because of low invesment, undercapitalisation and inability to attract investments, as defined by the Romania - Bulgaria Cross-Border Programme 2007-2013. So, the project will continue previous efforts to valorise this unique resource in generating regional and cross-border identity elements and vision.

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Danube Spirit in Port Communities

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