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Danube Spirit in Port Communities

About the project

Danube Spirit in Port Communities (DSPC) project will directly contribute to tackling, raising awareness and proposing neutral solutions to social issues of common interest on both borders, via the cultural and artistic messages. Thus, it will contribute to achieving Specific Objective nr. 5 Social and cultural coherence strengthened by cooperative actions between people and communities, by bringing together local communities and port authorities around one psychological and behavioural barrier hindering the modernization of river towns and their change into European port-communities.

DSPC Project will bring together two major communities in river port-towns: local communities and port authorities, at local and cross-border level, and raise awareness on each other, on both psychological and physical barriers between them. The project will determine the meeting between transport facilities administrators and their "clients" on a neutral cultural platform that will facilitate exchanges, informal relations and possibly future cross-border river transport initiatives.

Project context

All three project partners are located in important river ports, Constanta RO maritime port and Danubian through its extension represented by Danube - Black Sea Canal, Ruse BG and Calarasi RO, and deeply involved in the social and cultural live of their communities.

All three local communities have flourished due to their port activities stimulating commercial and industrial development, accessibility and raising international interest towards their towns. In the same time, the ports have based their development on local resources, such as land and water, qualified human resources, material and even financial, through local businesses operating their port activities.

The ways in which port and towns interact and intersect through in-,and out-migration, cultural exchange and the wider flow of goods, services, and information are crucial for the local and regional development. Both communities rely on each other and are bound in their development and strategies.

The project idea has been identified during the previous CBC project The Spirit of Danube implemented by the same partnership in 2008-2009. The mentioned project conducted a cross-border study regarding means of stimulating CBC through highlighting the European symbol of Danube river.

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Danube Spirit in Port Communities

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